Kun Chen
Kun Chen
Assistant Professor


Dr. Chen obtained her PhD degree from City University of Hong Kong in Information Systems. She worked in some world-famous financial institutions before joining in SUSTC, including Australian Capital Market Research Center, Securities and Futures Commissions of Hong Kong, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. She also was one of the two recipients that have received Global CMCRC scholarship in Hong Kong. Her current research focuses on financial intelligence and big data analytics. She has 17 SSCI/SCI papers published in INFORMS Journal on Computing, Journal of Management Information Systems, Information &Management, Journal of the Association for Information Science and TechnologyEuropean Journal of Operational Research among others.



·           2011, PhD, Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

·           2008, MSc, Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences & Shandong University of Science and Technology Joint Program, China.

·           2005, BEng, Information Management and Information Systems, Shandong University of Science and Technology, China.


Professional Experiences

·           2013/06– now, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance, Southern University of Science and Technology of China, China.

·           2014/02 –2014/07, Research Fellow, Department of Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

·           2011/09 –2013/06, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China.

·           2010/10 –2011/07, Research Staff, Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

·           2010/04 –2010/10, Research Staff, Australian Capital Markets Cooperative Research Center, Australian.


Journal Publications


1.        Xin Li+, Kun Chen+, Sherry Sun, Terrence Fung, Huaiqing Wang, and Denial Zeng, “A Commonsense Knowledge-enabled Textual Analysis Approach for Financial Market Surveillance”, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 28(2), 2016, 278-294. (UT Dallas List Journal, co-first author)

2.        Xin Li, Sherry Sun, Kun Chen*, Terrence Fung, and Huaiqing Wang, “Design Theory for Market Surveillance Systems”, Journal of Management Information Systems, 32 (2), 2015, 278–313. (MIS top & Financial Times List Journal, corresponding author)

3.        Kun Chen*, Peng Luo, Dongming Xu, and Huaiqing Wang, “The Dynamic Predictive Power of Company Comparative Network on Stock Sector Value”, Information and Management, 53, 2015, 1006-1019 .ACPHIS rating A* Journal

4.        Kun Chen*, Peng Luo, and Huaiqing Wang, “An Influence Framework on Product Word of Mouth (WoM)”, Information and Management, 54, 2017, 228-240. ACPHIS rating A* Journal

5.        Peng Luo, Kun Chen*, Chong Wu, Yongli Li, “Exploring the Social Influence of Multi-Channel Access in an Online Health Community”, Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, Accepted. ACPHIS rating A* Journal

6.        Yongli Li, Peng Luo, Zhiping Fan, and Kun Chen, “A Utility-based Link Prediction Method in Social Networks,” European Journal of Operational Research, Early access, DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ejor.2016.12.041. ACPHIS rating A* Journal

7.        Peng Luo, Kun Chen*, Chong Wu, and Huaiqing Wang, “Measuring social influence for firm-level financial performance”, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, 20, 2016, 15-29.

8.        Kun Chen*, Huaiqing Wang, and Hokyin Lai, “A General Knowledge Mediation Infrastructure for Multi-agent Systems”, Expert Systems with Applications, 38 (1), 2011, 495–503.

9.        Kun Chen*, Xiaowen Ji, and Huaiqing Wang, “A search index-enhanced feature model for news recommendation”, Journal of Information Science, Early access, DOI: 10.1177/0165551516639801

10.    Kun Chen, Peng Luo, and Huaiqing Wang, “Investigating Transitive Influences on WOM: From the Product Network Perspective”, Electronic Commerce Research, 2017, 17:149

11.    Kun Chen*, Xin Li, Baoxun Xu, Jiaqi Yan, and Huaiqing Wang, “Intelligent Agents for Adaptive Security Market Surveillance”, Enterprise Information Systems, 11(5), 2017.

12.    Kun Chen*, Xin Li, and Huaiqing Wang, “On the Model Design of Integrated Intelligent Big Data Analytics Systems”, Industrial Management & Data Systems, 115(9), 2015, 1666–1682.

13.    Kun Chen*, Peng Luo, Bianxia Sun, and Huaiqing Wang, “Which Stocks Are Profitable? A Network Method to Investigate the Effects of Network Structure on Stock Returns”, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 436, 2015, 224–235.

14.    Kun Chen*, Jian Yin, Sulin Pang “A Design for Common-sense Knowledge enhanced Decision Support System: Integration of the High-Frequency Market Data and Real-Time News”, Expert Systems, Forthcoming, DOI: 10.1111/exsy.12209

15.    Kristijian Mirkovski, Yanli Jia; Libo Liu; Kun Chen, “Understanding Microblogging Continuance Intention: The Directed Social Network Perspective”, Information Technology & People, Accepted.

16.    Chong Wu, Peng Luo, Yongli Li, and Kun Chen, “Stock Price Forecasting: Hybrid Model of Artificial Intelligent Methods”, Engineering Economics, 26 (1) 2015, 40–48.

17.    Peng Luo, Yongli Li, Chong Wu, Kun Chen, “Detecting the Missing Links in Social Networks based on Utility Analysis”, Journal of Computational Science, 2016, 16, 51-58.



·           Commonsense Knowledge based Security Market Surveillance Systems, China, CN105335888A

·           Big Data Sense-making Analytics and Decision Support Systems, China, CN105243069A


Research Grants

·           Big Data Supported Security Market Surveillance Systems: Theory, Methodology, and Application, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 7160109, 2017-2019, 170, 000 RMB, PI

·           Big Data Sense-making Analytics and Decision Support Framework: A Case of Intelligent Financial Market Surveillance, Shenzhen Research Grant, JCYJ2010417105742712, 2015-2017, 300,000 RMB, PI.

·           Big Data Supported Market Surveillance System, SUSTC Research Grant, FRG-SUSTC1501A-20, 2015-2016, 300,000 RMB, PI.

·           Noise or Information? – study on stock message board based on attention and social network theory, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71673318, 2017-2019, 480,000 RMB, Co-PI

·           Theories and Applications for Cultivating Creativity via Social Learning Networks, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51475347, 2015-2018, 620,000 RMB, Co-PI.

·           Block-chain Management Model and Related Law Problems, Shenzhen Government Cooperative Research Fund, 2017, 300,000 RMB, Co-PI



Opening positions for Postdoc, RAs in the research group.


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