Chengpeng Fu | IPv6: The Only Path to Build a Strong Country by Network
Date: 2019-04-26

On the evening of April 9, 2019, the Financial and Entrepreneur Frontier Forum was opened. Fu Chengpeng, the founder and chairman of Beijing Veno Technology Co., Ltd., gave a lecture to the teachers and students in the first teaching building 111. The topic is "IPv6: The Only Path to Build a Strong Country by Network". More than a hundred teachers and students attended the audience. The lecture was hosted by Professor He Jia from the Department of Finance.

Chengpeng Fu | IPv6: The Only Path to Build a Strong Country by Network

First, Dr. Fu Chengpeng introduced what IPv6 is to the students. IPv6 is not the whole of the next generation Internet, but the starting point of the next generation Internet. It is constantly adding new ideas and elements to the new technology platform. Through the combination of progressive innovation and breakthrough innovation, it solves major technical challenges, and continues to evolve and develop the Internet. Then he briefly explained the characteristics and scale of the Internet development in different time periods for the students.

Then, Dr. Fu made a comparison of China's information industry, and analyzed the development trend, curve analysis and market size of the industry. On November 1, 2018, the Alliance released "Supporting China's IPv6 Scale Deployment - China's IPv6 Business End-to-End Experience Monitoring Report" to provide data support for the government to formulate industry policies and enterprises to grasp the industry dynamics, which is widely reported by Xinhua News Agency and other major medias.

Chengpeng Fu | IPv6: The Only Path to Build a Strong Country by Network

Among them, Dr. Fu analyzed the reasons for the rapid development of international IPv6 for the students. There are several reasons: In order to counter terrorism and other needs, the United States has taken advantage of the traceability of IPv6; Developing countries need to accelerate the development of IPv6 for address; Internet companies need it to continue to innovate; The need from mobile Internet development. He also did a lot of analysis based on the development of China's national conditions IPv6.

Strengthen the application of basic research, expand and implement major national science and technology projects, highlight key common technologies, leading-edge technologies, modern engineering technologies, and disruptive technological innovations, to provide strong support to build a country with strong science and technology, strong quality, a strong space power, a strong network power and a strong traffic system, a digital country and a smart society.

Adhere to the unity of rich countries and strong military forces, strengthen unified leadership, top-level design, reform and innovation, and implementation of major projects, deepen the reform of national defense science and technology industry, form a deep development pattern of military-civilian integration, and build an integrated national strategic system and capabilities.

At the end of the lecture, Professor He Jia said that he hopes that the students will also broaden their horizons in the future. Perhaps everyone can use IPv6 to cooperate with Dr. Fu to create greater value for the society.

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