Hu Yulong|Based on scientific and technological review, create intelligent control
Date: 2018-12-05

On the evening of December 4, 2018, Hu Yulong, the general manager of the Off-site Audit Department of China Pacific Insurance Group, was invited to be a guest lecturer in the financial technology lecture. He brought a titled “Based on Science and Technology, Building a Smart Risk Control” Special lecture on auditing change and innovation. Yang Xuning, a finance teacher, presided over the meeting. This lecture helped students to have a more comprehensive understanding and deeper thinking about the insurance industry under the financial technology, especially the insurance auditing and auditing business.


General Manager Hu Yulong is an MBA in Finance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Money and Banking from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He is currently the General Manager of the Off-site Audit Department of China Pacific Insurance Group. He has worked in the Audit Department, Finance Department and Ping An Life Insurance Company of Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Department, China Certified Public Accountant, Internationally Registered Internal Auditor Qualification, has extensive internal audit and risk management experience in the insurance industry, served as a member of the Auditing Standards Committee of the former China Insurance Supervision Committee, and participated in various industries such as the financial auditing standards of the insurance industry. Standard setting.


Based on the background of financial technology, this lecture vividly demonstrates the ecological transformation of the insurance industry driven by financial technology and technology, combined with the current development of financial technology and actual cases. Currently, the main technologies used by FinTech in the insurance field are intelligent image processing and OCR, intelligent speech processing, natural semantic processing, and knowledge mapping. At present, the application cases in the field of insurance risk control include auto insurance anti-fraud and credit risk warning. Finally, Hu said that the future financial business model will also undergo changes, and the uncertainty in the market will decrease or even disappear with the development of science and technology.


From industry to company to individual, new challenges are faced. At the individual level, the democratization of artificial intelligence has become a trend. Rapid iteration of technology and lifelong learning are indispensable factors for maintaining personal competitiveness.

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