Renjian Li | AI and data driven industry and consumption change
Date: 2018-11-22

On the evening of November 20th, 2018, at the Southern University of Science and Technology, Li Renjian, the current representative of Baidu Ventures in Shenzhen, was invited to be a guest lecturer in the financial science and technology lecture, bringing topics such as “AI and data-driven industry and consumption change” to the students. Lecture, Yang Xuning, a teacher in the finance department, presided over the meeting. This lecture gave students a deeper understanding of today's investment patterns in the context of AI and data-driven and the development of startups.


  Mr. Li was the general manager of CITIC Capital Ventures Shenzhen Fund. He worked in the investment department of Ali Group and the research department of CITIC Securities. He was an early investor in well-known entrepreneur companies such as Recycling Bao, Lian Yirong and Haiyi E-commerce. Also invested in Meizu, Ruiling, Miwei, Xifeng wine and other companies, from the early stage to mergers and acquisitions full chain investment experience and exit experience, especially in the field of TMT and technology investment.

This lecture was organized around AI. It introduced the meaning of AI and data and the evolution of AI. Data is the basis of AI. AI is to make better use of data, so the two are interrelated. General Li said that in the early stage of the investment industry, information asymmetry is more serious, so using this feature to provide investors with more information is enough to create considerable value. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet industry, the transparency and openness of information makes it easier to obtain information. It is far from enough to make up for the advantages of information asymmetry. Therefore, the current researchers are under great pressure. Next, we will talk about the transformation of AI and data to the world. In fact, IA and data are promoting the realization of science fiction scenes with more fine-grained perception, more accurate judgment, higher industry efficiency, and more convenient life. So what kind of talents is needed in the future VC industry? This is also a question that students are very concerned about. Mr. Li believes that there will be two types of people in the future that will become hot. First, the big cow of basic technology, and second, the new generation of product managers. The new generation of product managers means that they have strong learning ability, will solve industry problems with next-generation technologies, and build next-generation services. Model of people. At the same time, we can clearly see that repetitive labor is rapidly being replaced.


   At the end of the lecture, when the guests answered questions from the students about the development status of BAT, they said that a company needs to pay attention to long-term interests, needs to maintain continuous initiative, and needs to overcome the inertia of “getting it right” after entering the monopoly industry, so that they can stay energized and grow continuously.

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