Rui Zhang | Convenient life brought by China Merchants Bank's fintech
Date: 2018-11-19

On the evening of November 13, at the 107th, Professor He from the Department of Finance invited Zhang Rui, the project leader of the Fintech Department of China Merchants Bank. The lecture attracted many students and teachers. The students were enthusiastic. After the lecture, Ms. Zhang continued to discuss the issues. The students understood more about the future development of fintech.Rui Zhang graduated from the School of Finance of Central University of Finance and Economics. After that, she got a postgraduate degree in finance from Peking University. She worked in state-owned banks for many years and is familiar with the banking company's financial business operation model. She is currently the head of the fintech project of the company's financial headquarters of China Merchants Bank, leading the China Merchants Bank Fintech medical open platform and smart parking cloud platform.

Rui Zhang: Convenient life brought by China Merchants Bank's fintech

   In this lecture, Ms. Zhang mainly shared with the students the two fintech projects that China Merchants Bank is currently doing, smart medical care and smart travel. Medical care has always been a topic of relish. Especially when patients need to cross the province to seek medical treatment, the fact that the medical records are not in the same system is really a lot of trouble for people. Zhang has solved this problem mainly in one aspect of smart medical treatment. Everyone can directly establish an “electronic health card” on WeChat. All hospital records about disease can be filed in the health card, avoiding cross-institutional medical treatment which will cause wasting time and money again.Moreover, the smart medical project is not only convenient for the masses, but also has great benefits for the hospital. In the actual inspection of the 100 major hospitals, Zhang found that the hospital focused on treating patients and saving people, so it is relatively backward in terms of cost settlement and the efficiency is very low. When the hospital cooperates with it, these things can be handed over to China Merchants Bank. The hospitals can focus more on developing medicine.Ms. Zhang also mentioned that the other aspect is “smart travel”. One of the biggest aspects is parking. Although many shopping malls have reverse-seeking services, the results are not satisfactory enough. To solve that, China Merchants Bank's “Smart Travel” project designs different smart parking solutions for different scenarios and different needs of customers.

Rui Zhang: Convenient life brought by China Merchants Bank's fintech

    The students responded enthusiastically and raised their own questions about the series of fintech projects of China Merchants Bank. They also had face-to-face communication and exchanges with Ms. Zhang, which make the students see the practical application of fintech in future work.

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