Mou Yin | Using financial technology to solve supply chain financing problems
Date: 2018-11-06

On the evening of October 34, 2018, Yin Mou, the current chairman and CEO of Wealth supply group, gave us a lecture entitled "Solving the Financing Problem of Supply Chain with Financial Technology". Yang Xuning, a finance teacher, chaired the lecture.


Yin believes that the growth process of enterprises is the spiral process of enterprise assets - Service - assets, which is the process of receivables and accounts payable formed by enterprise purchasing and selling. How to use information technology to solve the problem of information asymmetry has become the key to restrict the credit of external financial institutions. Under the existing frontier technology conditions such as cloud computing, large data, block chain, and so on, the realization of financial services is the focus of our current discussion. In turn, Yin told us the concepts of financial technology and supply chain finance, the manifestations of supply chain financing difficulties, and how to use financial technology to solve the problems of supply chain financing.

Financial technology provide us with new ideas and ways to solve the problems that are difficult to solve in traditional finance. Students majoring in financial technology in the Department of Finance of South University of Science and Technology will become talents in the field of financial technology in the future, and will contribute their own strength to China's financial reform and innovation.

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