The past and present of the new asset regulation and bank wealth management business
Date: 2018-09-19

In this seminar, we were fortunate to have invited Fang Ling, senior manager of the Asset Management Department of China Merchants Bank, to discuss the past and present of the new asset regulation and bank wealth management business, combined with the confusing situation in China's economic and financial fields since 2018, from 100  trillion dollar large capital industry and the 30 trillion banking and wealth management industry have uniformly illustrated  to all students.

    Since joining China Merchants Bank in February 2003, she has served as the manager of the planning and finance department of the head office of China Merchants Bank, the senior manager of the market risk management department of the head office, and the senior senior manager of the asset management department of the head office. General Manager Fang Ling can be said to be very accomplished in asset management. At the beginning of the lecture, she asked questions about  nine phrases to interest students ,which are shadow banking, new assets regulations, government implicit debts, wealth management funds, trade wars, stock index bursts, shed reforms, RMB depreciation, and emerging market crises. To clarify that these are economic phenomena closely related to this year's market, she reminded the students that learning finance must be concerned with current affairs, study the theory while paying attention to the relationship between economic phenomena, and always think about how to use theoretical knowledge to explain today's economic phenomena.In the first part of the lecture, General Manager Fang Ling analyzed the market phenomena from the perspective of macroeconomics, including the internal worries (active de-leverage) and external troubles (replacement of power) ,and illustrated the new asset rules, P2P run, large shareholder pledges, real estate Analysis of various financial phenomena such as restricting transactions, opening bans, trade wars, devaluation of the renminbi and emerging market crises, respectively with a  number of vivid examples, so that students can better understand this turbulent market. Then she talked about the development history of China's wealth management business, the three developments of China's leverage, the impact of the marketization of interest rate and the unclear overall risk caused by the logical distortion, the background of the release of the new regulations and its impact, and future development. As a result of which, students have a deeper understanding of the asset management industry.

    General Manager Fang Ling’s forum has enabled the students to have a deeper understanding of bank asset management and contemporary financial market. May the wishes as she said, while students are seriously studying theoretical knowledge and focusing on their studies, they still have their dreams and the poetry of life.

 The past and present of the new asset regulation and bank wealth management business

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