Tian Xia | Innovation in Xiongan New Area under the Digital Economy
Date: 2018-09-14

On the evening of September 11th, Tian Xia, the president of the Bank of China Xiongan Branch gave a lecture at the 107 classroom of Teaching Building 1, hosted by Prof. Jia He from the Department of Finance. The lecture attracted many students and teachers. The whole classroom was full of seats. The students were enthusiastic and the lectures continued until nearly 10:00 p.m. They have a certain understanding and deeper thinking about the future development of Xiongan New Area and Digital Finance.

Mr. Xia graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked in the Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, the Corporate Finance Department of the head office, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Branch, and the Xiongan Branch. He is currently the vice president of Xiongan Branch, in charge of corporate finance services.

This lecture is about the introduction of Xiongan New Area. Xiongan New Area is another new area after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and Pudong New Area. Xiongan is gestating a huge potential for development. It will be "Silicon Valley" of China in the future. Fintech center, the city of Internet of Things, green eco-city, and reform and opening up will be the city label of this "city of the future." Xiongan New Area is expected to become China's most livable, cutting-edge, and most suitable for entrepreneurial and innovative city. The city is also destined to gestate a great company in the future.

In this lecture, Mr. Xia mentioned “the soul of Xiongan”. The digital city and the real city should be simultaneously planned and constructed. Develop advanced intelligent infrastructure moderately. Promote the intelligent application service controlled in real time. Establish and improve the big data asset management. Build a digital city with deep learning capabilities and a global leading position. In terms of finance, the capital flows in Xiongan New Area is operated through blockchain. Through Fintech, construct a new engine for the new economic system.

The students responded enthusiastically and raised their own questions about the economic development of Xiongan New Area. They also had face-to-face communication with the Mr. Xia, which helped students see the development trend of the digital economy.

At the end of the lecture, Professor Jia He summed up that student should give more attention to New Finance and Digital Finance. Traditional finance have been unable to adapt to new development trends and requirements of the times. The development of high-tech industries and New Finance is the only way to be a powerful country.


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