Unicorn Founder Series Lecture (3) - Big Data and Comprehensive Health Relayed on Capital Red Ca
Date: 2018-01-23

Many factors need to be considered when evaluating the strength of a university, a college or a department. Social influence, academic originality and abilities of students to change the world are three important criteria. A lecture is also an important manifestation of professional research, teacher strength and social influence. Invited guests, lecture contents and audiences measure the comprehensive strengths such as professional level, teaching resources, etc.


   In the evening on May 17, the Unicorn Founder Series Lecture (3) - Big Data and Comprehensive Health Relayed on Capital Red Carpet organized by the Department of Finance was officially opened. The guest lecturer was JiPengsong, Chairman of Shanghai Ankon Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. and Ankon Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Prior to this, Zeng Bin, founder of Freshmiss, and Yao Junhong, founder of Souche, were invited to give lectures. Within one month, the Department of Finance successfully held three lectures on "Unicorn”founder.


Unicorn - A Hot Topic in Financial Industry


As a unicorn company in the field of comprehensive health, Ankon has a great background. It is the first company in the world to successfully develop and commercialize the "system for active and precise control of capsule endoscopic robot in digestive tract". Founder JiPengsong is an expert in high-tech project incubation. In 1995, he was exceptionally promoted as an associate professor at Tsinghua University. In the past five years, the national leader came to Ankon and gave guidance on the technology platform for three times. Ankon is highly expected to become a technology platform for cancer prevention and control in the tasks proposed at the 19th National People’s Congress.


    In February last year, Ankon received tens of millions of dollars for investment, and then in August, Ankon received 100 million dollars invested by Dazhong Investment, SB China Venture Capital, PreIPO Capital, Qiansheng Investment, Hosencare Investment and Cosun Venture Capital Investment, becoming the hottest unicorn in the eyes of financial capital. This lecture focused on how financial capital relays medical big data and comprehensive health as well as role change of capitals in the process.


    What kind of business is "unicorn"? Generally, "unicorns" need to have three characteristics. First, they have a market value of more than 1 billion dollars and have not been listed. Second, they have major technological innovations or innovation models. Third, they have developed for less than 10 years. These companies are like "unicorns", which are so precious because they are rare. "DidiChuxing", "MIUI", "TouTiao” and "Eleme” with which we are familiar are outstanding "unicorns". It is not difficult to find the influence and assistance of financial capital underneath that. Without financial capital, unicorns would not have occurred nowadays.


    Unicorns provide a strong support for new economy and financial capital plays a certain role in it, which naturally attracts more attention of college students who focus on it for study. Therefore, the Department of Finance of SUSTech has invited unicorn founders to give lectures, hoping that all teachers and students can get close contact and face-to-face communication with unicorn founders to direct their lives in the future.


     Universities are bases for training talents and lectures are an essential and big part of university life. For talent cultivation and education, lectures are an important means of cultivation and shaping in the era when the concept of “liberal education” occupies a dominant position in educational philosophy. The successful hosting of the unicorn founder series lectures with such high standard and efficiency reflects the huge influence of the Department of Finance of SUStech in the industry.

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