SUSTech| SUSTech’s 10th Anniversary Logo launched
Date: 2020-04-22

2020 marks ten years since the Ministry of Education (MoE) agreed for the preparation of the establishment of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). It marked a new start in Shenzhen’s higher education. December 20 will be that fateful day that marks the tenth anniversary and will be a day of celebrations across SUSTech. April 16 is a special day for SUSTech, for it was officially approved by the MoE. To celebrate this meaningful date, SUSTech launched its 10th Anniversary Logo and Slogan.

The question that many would ask when seeing such a logo is, what does it mean? How did SUSTech develop the logo and the slogan, while keeping a consistent message between two different languages?

SUSTech consulted widely across the community, speaking to faculty members, scholars, students, and alumni. They received many logos and slogan suggestions before going through a rigorous selection process.

SUSTech| SUSTech’s 10th Anniversary Logo launched

The final logo uses the Arabic numeral, 10, to represent the ten years of development. It also represents the steps that SUSTech has gone through from 2010 to 2020. The digit “0” is made up of tiny dots that symbolize the internationalized faculty that is inseparable from their hard work and perseverance. The sunrise-esque coloration of the “0” digit clarifies the growth of SUSTech as it meets the challenges in the 2020s.

The Chinese slogan is “新·益求新.” It translates to “new, seeking innovation.” This slogan shows SUSTech as a new university, as well as offering a new concept in higher education. From its first days, SUSTech has shouldered the essential mission of exploring a modern university system and innovative talent training models. It has also been fundamentally intertwined with the innovative city of Shenzhen as it strives to become a world-class research university. Seeking innovation has become synonymous with SUSTech, and it is a phrase that drives students and scholars to our campus.

“Seeking innovation,” indicates the future path for SUSTech. Our journey forward is intertwined with the development of the modern and vibrant city of Shenzhen. The innovative genes of Shenzhen are imbued in the mission of exploration and innovation of higher education reform in China. The tenth anniversary of the establishment of SUSTech finds itself as part of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen. SUSTech and Shenzhen will continue to work together as innovative development partners as they build the Shenzhen plan for higher education reform in the new era.

The English slogan is “Change for excellence, Innovation for future.” At the core of SUSTech is our belief that SUSTech is innovating for a better future. With its three philosophical pillars of “research, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” SUSTech has taken huge steps as a pillar of excellence in China and will continue to be a champion for positive change that drives society forward.

These visual identifiers not only summarize the spiritual value of SUSTech of the last ten years, but seek to take a forward-looking approach as it continues to be a pioneer, pathfinder, and leader of innovation.

Directions for downloading the campus logo files:

  1. Go to the Visual Identity System to download the logos.

  2. Log into the OA system, enter the “Brand Culture Service System,” and download the Visual Identity System (VIS).