Preliminary of the CFA Institute Research Challenge was held in the Department of Finance
Date: 2018-10-19

At 4 pm on October 11th, the selection of the CFA Institute Research Challenge was held in the conference room of the Finance Department. Among the six groups selected by the report, there will be two groups that will eventually represent the Southern University of Science and Technology in the CFA Association Global Investment Analysis Competition. Professor He Jia, Li Peipei, Wang Xinjie, Yan Shuo, Lai Shufang, and Yang Xuning attended the conference. The students who participated in were dressed in formal attire.


   The students in the six groups chose the TAL Education Group, Hengrui Medicine, iFLYTEK, By-health, Ctrip Travel and Yonghui Supermarket as investment analysis objects. Each group of students analyzed the company's value, competitive advantage, risk location, etc. through company history, profile, social responsibility, financial statements, market share and other information, and gave their proposed investment strategy.


   The students were well prepared, logically fluent, and fluent in spoken English. The students who came to watch expressed their admiration and gave warm applause. The teachers gave pertinent suggestions and evaluations on topics, analysis and data accuracy to help everyone improve and strive for good results in the official competition.


   Finally, according to the comprehensive performance of the report and on-site presentation, it was decided to send two team to participate in the CFA Institute Research Challenge on behalf of the school.