Department of Finance Held "2017 South China Life Insurance Actuary Lecture 16"
Date: 2018-09-25

On November 24, 2017, the Department of Finance held the 16th lecture of 2017 South China Life Insurance Actuary: “Non-actuarial” Perspective of Insurance Actuary. The meeting was held in the lecture hall of Research Building 1. Wang He, Assistant Professor of the Department, hosted the meeting. Professor He Jia, dean of the Department, delivered a speech at the meeting. 

  He delivered a speech that insurance is an ancient financial industry and is very important in China, and it develops especially fast in recent years. Professor He first introduced the profile of the Department of Finance. The Department of Finance of Southern University of Science and Technology is the youngest financial department in China. It has employed 15 professors and 8 administrative teachers, and takes the lead in establishing a financial technology major in China. This meeting warms up for setting up the insurance actuary major in the Department of Finance. The main research areas of the Department include financial engineering, financial technology and insurance actuary. We hope to receive support, help, criticism and correction from all the guests present. The main purpose of student cultivation and academic research of the Department is to solve financial problems. The Department has proposed two new financial policies following the Fifth National Financial Work Conference and the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The financial industry should be open to the outside world and strictly regulated. It involves RMB 102 trillion yuan of assets, including the assets in the insurance industry. The series of issues should be studied by the Department of Finance. In the past few years, the Department has made considerable efforts in studying the theoretical framework of Chinese financial system and solving financial problems. So far, the Department has achieved good results, that is, an analytical framework of Chinese finance has been established in the practice of combining financial theory and incremental reform.  Within this framework, new policies can be understood and problems in the stock and bond markets can be analyzed and solved. Although the Department is young, our research achievements hold a leading position in China. We hope that all the guests can actively participate in the discipline construction of our department to promote the development of the Department. The Department of Finance currently has the largest number of students among the 14 departments of the University. The SUSTech Department of Finance welcomes all guests to give support and participate in the construction of our teaching staff.


  Assistant Professor Wang He, host of the meeting, mentioned that the theme of this meeting was “non-actuarial perspective of insurance actuary”. Everyone has been in the actuarial industry for many years. Today, we observe the actuarial industry from the “non-actuarial”perspective and will achieve different results.

The agenda of this meeting included four lectures. In the Q&A session, teachers and students communicated with the guests according to their own interests.