A Company of SAFE Shenzhen Branch Visited the Department of Finance
Date: 2018-05-29

A company led by Zhang Haihong, director of the International Payments Office of SAFE Shenzhen Branch, visited the Department in the afternoon on March 23. Professor He Jia, head of the Department, Associate Professor Wu Jisong, Assistant Professor Xiang Ju, Assistant Professor Zhou Ti, Assistant Professor Wang Xinjie participated in this seminar. The seminar focused on the impact of RMB exchange rate expectations on cross-border capital flows, the current situation, issues and recommendations of corporate exchange rate risk management concepts, the US dollar exchange rate cycle and its impact on international capital flows.

  The seminar was heated. The two sides discussed topics such as the RMB exchange rate and expressed that they can strengthen cooperation in the foreign exchange research in the future. In addition, they exchanged views on the cooperative internships of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Zhang said that students of SUSTech Department of Finance are welcome for internship in the company and application for relevant positions in the People's Bank of China.