Students of Department of Finance Actively Participated in One-week Job Fair (Finance)
Date: 2018-09-25

In the afternoon on March 29, 2018, the SUSTech One-week Job Fair (Finance) with the theme of "Build Your Dreams and Work for the Future" organized by the Employment Guidance Center of Student Work Department was held at the Student Affairs Center. About 20 companies attended the job fair attracting nearly 100 graduating students.

   QianhaiYifang, Zhongtou8, China Merchants Bank, State Grid Information & Telecommunication Group Beijing Zhixin Shenzhen Guodian Technology Communications Co., Ltd., China Ping An, JinzhenQianhai, GF Securities and other financial companies carried out on-site recruitment.

  The recruiting positions released by the recruiting units included marketing manager, account manager, securities broker, regional manager, reserve regional manager, institutional project manager, key account manager of private bank, etc.

   The requirements for the positions were: Bachelor degree or above, major in finance, economics and management, good abilities of business negotiation, communication, learning, human-computer communication and execution. It was better if applicants have passed relevant qualification examinations of securities, accounting, actuary and so on.

   Our students actively participated in this recruitment activity held in the school. Some students said, "It is so convenient that I can take an interview without leaving the room", "It’s not too much of strain for me when I attend an interview in our school", "We can attend on-site interviews of major financial companies at school, thanks for giving us such a good opportunity". The students who participated in the interview expressed that the recruitment on campus brings them psychological superiority and also increases their confidence in employment due to familiarity with the surrounding environment.