Department of Finance Held the Presentation of the 2nd & 2018 Actuary Selection Examination
Date: 2018-05-09

On May 6, 2018, the Department of Finance held the presentation of the 2nd & 2018 Actuary Selection Examination in Hall 111 of the Library. Professor He Jia, dean of the Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wang He, Assistant Professor of the Department, hosted the meeting. The mass-election of students for the 2nd actuarial project was carried out after the presentation. The Department of Finance selected among the students who signed up for the examination. The selected students entered the actuarial exam training program to receive training.


       Hou Wencai, Deputy General Manager of Life Insurance & Health Insurance of France Reinsurance Beijing Branch, attended the meeting as a special guest and shared his work experience in actuary. First, Hou introduced the main role of the actuarial profession. Actuary is mainly used in insurance companies to design insurance products and determine insurance prices, and also used to assess value, profits and liabilities. The medical insurance, major disease insurance and self-driving accident insurance of insurance companies are based on actuarial pricing models. Actuarial assessments are also widely used in empirical analysis, discounting, reserves, minimum capital and intrinsic value. The areas of employment for actuaries are not limited to traditional insurance companies. The financial sector, with a broader area, also has extensive demands for actuary, such as reinsurers, consulting firms, government agencies, investment banks and fund companies. Then, General Manager Hou introduced the necessary preparations for working as an actuary, giving a detailed description from three aspects such as technical basis, communication and emotional intelligence.

Assistant Professor Wang He gave a detailed introduction to the actuarial education and training program. The Actuarial Education & Training Program of the Department of Finance has four major characteristics: "Spring Seedling Watch", association cooperation, examination funding system and rich practical courses. The Department of Finance provides students with the best hardware and software resources and strives to build the largest actuary cradle and actuarial communication platform in South China and in China within five years. After introducing the actuarial training program, Professor Wang reviewed the rapid development and achievements of members in the previous actuarial training program in a short period of time, which further increased the confidence of the participants in the actuarial training program.

In the Q&A session, the participants showed great interest in the actuarial training program of the Department of Finance. They communicated with Professor Wang about the presentation.