Department of Finance Successfully Completed 2018 Graduation Thesis Defense
Date: 2018-05-21

The annual demonstration of graduation achievements ended on Saturday, May 19, 2018. The dressed-up senior students of the Department of Finance stood on the classroom platform of Teaching Building 1 and showed their graduation thesis results to the professors who have carefully cultivated them. 2018 Graduation Defense for Bachelor Degree in Finance started at 8:30 in the morning that day. The University has 609 students of Grade 2014, 102 of which are from the Department of Finance, accounting for one-sixth of the total students of Grade 2014. All the professors of the Department of Finance participated in the Graduation Defense for Bachelor Degree in Finance and reviewed 94 graduation theses, accounting for 15.7% of the total graduation theses in 2018. The 2018 Graduation Defense of the Department of Finance concerned various ideological interactions on recent hot finance issues and research results.

       The topic design and research contents of many finance theses submitted this year are worthy of attention. It involves many financial sectors, including blockchain, internationalization of China's capital market, capital market, financial technology, financial regulation and financial stability, insurance, financial innovation, corporate finance and accounting. The students explored the topics with unique perspectives, pioneering thinking and profound reflections, fully demonstrating their professional qualities and abilities as students from the Department of Finance.

       The sources of nearly a hundred theses topics were heatedly discussed. The supervision of theses of one-sixth of the graduates from the whole school by only a dozen professors of the Department of Finance reflects their professional level, research ability and professional dedication, which deserves admiration. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The research contents of students’ theses come from the teaching and other work in normal times of the Department of Finance.

       First, the Department of Finance meticulously arranged summer internship for the students. In order to arrange the summer internships for hundreds of students, the Department of Finance has worked with many key financial institutions, such as Shenzhen Stock Exchange, GF Securities Co., Ltd, China Investment Securities Co., Ltd., China Galaxy International Financial Holdings Limited, etc.; signed cooperation agreements with banks such as China Merchants Bank, Bank of China, Ping An Bank and Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank; cooperated with insurance companies such as Ping An Insurance Co., Ltd., Qianhai Reinsurance Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huize Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.; cooperated with investment management companies such as Dacheng Fund Management Co., Ltd., China Merchants Wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jasper Capital International, LLC, Shanghai Cheers Fund Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Spruces Capital Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Sincere Capital Management Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Shuangcheng Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd.; and cooperated with financial technology companies such as Ping An Technology Co., Ltd., China Fortune International Trust Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Great Strategy Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting Co., Ltd., Seapower Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd.

       Second, the Department of Finance held hundreds of academic lectures and industry reports, especially the unicorn founder series lectures conducted in the spring semester of 2018, greatly stimulating the enthusiasm of students in learning, innovation and entrepreneurship. A lot of lectures have been arranged to provide students with power of gaining knowledge and with sources of ideas, including the "Thinking and Practice of Near Field Retail" by co-founder and president of Missfresh; the "Logic of Entrepreneurship in New Car Retail" by Yao Junhong, founder and CEO of Souche; the "Big Data and Comprehensive Health Relayed on Capital Red Carpet" by JiPengsong, Chairman of  Shanghai Ankon Medical Technologies Co., Ltd. and Ankon Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. and Associate Professor of Tsinghua University; the "Interpretation of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connection with the Opening Policy of China's Capital Market" by Mao Zhirong, member of HKEX Executive Committee; the "Development of Chinese Financial Institutions in Hong Kong and Their Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect" by Yan Feng, CEO of GuotaiJunan International; the "How Institutional Investors Select Stocks" by PengXu, General Manager of Ding Sa Fund; the "Cast & Credits of Juooo" by Geng Jun, CEO of Juooo; the "Fintech Leads Innovation in Capital Management" by Wang Guangming, General Manager of Technology Information Division of China Merchants Bank Asset Management Department, etc.

       Third, the Department of Finance offered case analysis courses. The special course - Finance and Entrepreneur Frontier Forum offered by Professor He Jia and the Analysis of Company Financial Cases by Yang Xuning allowed students to directly understand the cutting-edge fields, practical professional skills, innovative ideas and effective methods to solve problems.

       Finally, the supervision of theses was a daunting task for a dozen professors of the Department of Finance. Faced with difficulties, all the professors guided students on topic selection and establishment of research directions and inspired students' confidence and enthusiasm to find and solve problems. The international laboratories of the Department of Finance also played a pivotal role in the completion of theses for students in regard to model building, latest data query and information search.

      Teaching one to fish is better than giving him fish. The Department of Finance aims to train students to be high-end international talents with a solid grasp of the knowledge, skills, methods and theories of economics and finance, familiarity with the direction of modern financial development and the ability to engage in the relevant specialized work of banking, securities, investment, insurance and other economic management sectors and enterprises; with international vision and the ability to deeply analyze and solve practical financial problems in China; in particular, they should be able to lead Chinese capital to the world. The Department of Finance has also been conveying outstanding talents to the areas of cutting-edge innovations such as Internet finance, entrepreneurial finance, scientific and technological finance.