Department of Finance Held Major Presentation
Date: 2018-05-21

May 20 was a romantic day. The Department of Finance of SUSTec also held a major presentation on this day. More than 200 students gathered in Room 110 of Lecture Hall and participated in a "blind date" with the Department of Finance.


       In the warm cheers and applause of the students, Professor He Jia, dean of the Department of Finance and godfather-like supervisor of Chinese finance, delivered an opening speech at the presentation. He said that Chinese finance is developing with many opportunities and hoped that more young aspirants could work in the financial industry. Professor He also hoped that students could choose the Department of Finance for loving the profession and caring about "pillars of great power" to assume their due responsibility and contribute to the development of Chinese finance. Currently, the Sino-US trade frictions highlight the importance to accelerate the development of China's financial industry. In order to contribute to the financial development of China and Shenzhen, our professors and teachers should actively exert their social influence and combine modern finance and financial practice in academic research to cultivate students' financial knowledge and practical ability.

Financial technology is a new major set up by the Department of Finance last year, which arouses a great curiosity of many students in considering their majors. Assistant Professor Chen Kun of the Department of Finance introduced the domestic initiative financial technology (Fintech) major to the students. The major of finance technology was applied by the Department in 2017. Chen Kun introduced the cutting-edge knowledge of big data, cloud computing, blockchain and biometric identification from the concept of financial technology as well as the development status of financial technology. After that, Chen introduced the characteristics of the financial technology major set up by the Department as well as the employment and enrollment prospects of this major to the students. In the end, Chen specially pointed out that the Department of Finance will hold the "3rd International Conference on Smart Finance – ICSF 2018, July 7-8, 2018, Shenzhen, China" in the summer of this year and welcome all students to participate.       

       The majors of the Department of Finance focus on the interaction between theory and practice. Yang Xuning, teacher of the Department of Finance, introduced the majors in finance, internships, further studies and employment of students. The Department of Finance holds a leading position among all the departments of the University in regard to employment rate, receiving internship and job opportunities for students from famous financial institutions such as Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Merchants Bank, etc.

       Li Rui, undergraduate teaching secretary, briefed the undergraduate education programs of the Department of Finance, specifically, she introduced the pre-study courses, basic courses, core courses and elective courses. Wang Li, research and graduate secretary, introduced the enrollment, employment and further studies of graduate students.

       The student representatives of the Department also shared their experience and reflections in the process of study or work. In the second half of the presentation, Mo Shaozhe, a student of Grade 2013 who just graduated from Duke University, shared his insights and gains during his study in the Department of Finance of SUSTech and the top foreign business school, emphasizing the role of finance in the personality training, logical exercise and business sense formation and other aspects. Xie Huayang, Grade 2013 graduate currently working in Shanxi Securities, shared his personal experience in terms of professional choice and future development, and encouraged students to combine finance and practice. In addition, a number of students studying in the Department of Finance shared their experience in school.

       Finally, in order to fully explain the important role of finance in the national economic development, the Department of Finance specially invited industry representatives to describe the characteristics and general situation of the financial industry. In the Q&A session, the students further inquired about the curriculum setting, further studies and job hunting. All the teachers of the Department gave answers patiently. 

       A good choice determines the whole life. "Finance is an important core competitive power of the country". The talents cultivated by the Department of Finance should not only be craftsmen but also be builders of the country with patriotism, ideals and morality. On May 20, the Department of Finance introduced to students majors that they could pursue all their lives and wished they could choose right majors.