Department of Finance 2018 Graduation Ceremony Ended
Date: 2013-11-29

The graduation ceremony for graduates of the Department of Finance in 2018 came to an end. As one of the departments deeply loved by students, the Department of Finance has been bearing the heavy responsibility of teaching, internship and employment. 118 students graduated from the Department of Finance of SUSTech in 2018, accounting for 1/6 of the total graduates from the University this year. They include 15 postgraduates jointly cultivated by SUSTech and Harbin Institute of Technology and 103 undergraduates. The Department of Finance has concentrated its efforts on seeking opportunities and breakthroughs, which increases the employment rate of our graduates this year. The Department of Finance has high enrollment and employment rate this year and more than 80% of graduates have been enrolled and employed. In line with a matter-of-fact and responsible attitude, the Department of Finance has overcome many difficulties and sought breakthroughs, which has successfully helped all graduates from the Department of Finance get employed outside of SUSTech.

   Professor He Jia, head of the Department of Finance, sent words to the "in season" graduates: You should not be greasy middle-aged men without bright smiles when we gather ten years later. I hope you remain innocent and kind, tell the truth and do practical things. You should insist on physical exercise to avoid delicate or big-bellied bodies. You should carry forward the pioneering spirit of expansionists for yourselves, the University and your junior schoolmates to distinguish SUSTech far and wide.

   Teacher Sun Bianxia read the list of outstanding bachelor and master graduates of the Department of Finance. Professors of the Department awarded certificates and prizes to those graduates.

   Zeng Sipeng spoke as a representative of the master graduates. He thanked the Department of Finance for giving him the opportunity and thanked teachers who care for students' growth. He said that there are many problems in the ever-changing financial market that deserve our consideration and resolution. Interpreting changing stock markets, researching new financial products and understanding constantly innovative financial supervision should be our daily required course in the Department of Finance. The label of SUSTech is not just a name but a "hard working and proactive” pioneering spirit. “I heard the voice of the Lord sayingWhom shall I send And who will go for us? And I said,"Here am I. Send me."”

   Tang Shiyu spoke as an outstanding representative of undergraduates. Four years ago, very few media organizations downgraded SUSTech resulting in a bottom of its expected returns in its history. However, 600 outstanding students with ideals and enthusiasm determined to choose SUSTech, writing a new chapter of higher education reform in China. Nowadays, SUSTech has become a unicorn in Chinese higher education. Choosing to study in SUSTech is our right decision. The most fundamental function of financial markets is value discovery. We have carried the aura of financial markets when we started to study in SUSTech. Thanks to the teachers of the Department of Finance, who have taught us. They are both our investors and angels. They provide lively class contents, wonderful series lectures, case studies and presentations to give us financial knowledge, open up our visions and teach us to apply what we have learned, cooperate, communicate and exchange with others. Due to the hard work of those angel investors, we IPOs could have been merged and acquired by well-known companies and reached the peak at world-famous universities. For the Southern University of Science and Technology, the future of every student represents the future of the University. The Department of Finance, which makes up 1/6 of SUSTech students, will play a vital role in the future development.

    The parent of Yu Tingyu spoke as a representative of graduates’ parents. Four years ago, we and our children firmly chose the Southern University of Science and Technology, the youngest university in China. In the blink of an eye, the children have graduated in this poetic harvest season. Congratulations to you! We are proud of the wise choice four years ago. SUSTech has struggled to rise with extraordinary courage and wisdom, becoming the first experimental field of higher education reform in China with great development each year. We parents give high praise for the University as our children have gained knowledge and received soul baptism and thought sublimation at the school. Thanks to the teachers of the Department of Finance for your rigorous teaching, strict requirement, patient guidance and common touch. You are not only teachers and friends but also educators and life mentors of our children. We should always be grateful to life because we encounter people with positive energy on the road every day. Each and every teacher of the Department of Finance of SUSUTech is a good helper to the students, who provides selfless service and guidance. We hope that the graduates will be able to carry this excellent tradition forward and become good helpers for more people in the future. The parent of Yu Tingyu finally said that the graduates should be thoughtful actors in the future so that your parents, teachers and alma mater will be proud of you for your talents.

    All the teachers, students and parents sang "Ode to the Motherland" to bless 2018 graduates with a bright future, SUSTech and SUSTech Department of Finance with better development.