Department of Finance Held 2018 Strategy Seminar
Date: 2013-11-29

In order to strengthen the overall construction of the Department of Finance and grasp the frontiers and development trends of the disciplines, the Department held the "Department of Finance 2018 Strategy Seminar" in early July 2018. The leaders of the Department including Professor He Jia, Professor Wang Susheng, Professor Liu Luchuan, Associate Professor Yang Zhaojun, Associate Professor Liu Chunhui and other professors and administrative teachers attended the meeting. Professor He hosted the meeting. At the meeting, participants discussed and determined the development direction of the Department of Finance in 2018, undergraduate teaching, postgraduate teaching, internship and employment of undergraduate and postgraduate students, cooperative research, industry-university-research cooperation, research center and other important issues.


    Professor He emphasized that the development of the Department of Finance should keep pace with the times, learn the development model of international first-class business schools and establish sound faculty team, research direction and curriculum system. In addition, the Department should offer MBA, EMBA and other business courses, combine the development of the Department with the industry to solve practical problems in finance, vigorously develop case teaching and train professionals with the ability to solve practical problems. With regard to student cultivation, as the Department has the largest number of students among all the departments of the University, so it is pressing to solve the big problems such as fewer teachers for more students, further study and heavy employment task.


   Professor Wang Susheng pointed out that the Department of Finance is very popular among students. As the department with the most students, the Department of Finance should keep in line with international standards to improve the quality of teaching, enrich and increase the training contents to train students with professional competence. It is not easy to study at the university, so students should be cultivated with the spirit of perseverance, braving difficulties and pioneering and motivated with the pride to overcome difficulties and fears. Students cultivated by us should orient themselves towards the market. The Department of Finance has a large number of students, undertakes heavy teaching tasks, and follows a development model which is greatly different from that of science and engineering departments, so we will always shoulder heavy responsibilities and we are sure we can overcome difficulties and achieve breakthroughs.


    Teacher Sun Bianxia gave a report on the undergraduate teaching to the participating teachers. The Department of Finance has many students with fewer teachers and heavy teaching tasks. The good cooperation between teachers and students in the process of student study is especially important for students’ further study and employment. Paying close attention to the situation of students is important in the undergraduate teaching of the Department. We will make every effort to cooperate with the University to smoothly complete the work of graduates in 2018.


    Associate Professor Yang Zhaojun discussed the first graduates and postgraduate training program with all other professors of the Department. This year, 15 postgraduate students will graduate from our department and graduate supervisors should cooperate with the Graduate School to complete the graduation work. The revision of the 2019 master training program needs to be put on schedule.


    Li Yixin, students work assistant, reported to the departmental professors about the enrollment and employment of graduates from the Department in 2018. The student-to-teacher ratio of the Department of Finance in 2018 is the highest in the University and averagely one professor is responsible for six students. The employment rate of the 2018 graduates ranks first in the University. In a serious attitude of being responsible for the students, the Department of Finance has zero research assistant (RA).


    Professor He Jia expressed his gratitude for the heated discussion in the past three hours. He said that he would seriously consider the suggestions and opinions of the professors and strengthen the construction of the talent training and introduction systems. He said that the Department should make unremitting efforts to construct the first-class disciplines.