Department of Finance 2018 International Summit on Smart Finance Ended
Date: 2013-11-29

The Department of Finance held the 2018 International Summit on Smart Finance of "New Retail, New Payment and New Finance" from July 7 to 8. Many "heavyweight" guests from industry and academic circles discussed the trend of constructing the new ecology of financial technology in China and other parts of the world. Ten academic reports, eight academic workshops, two roundtable forums and one financial technology teaching seminar were presented on the summit within two days. The interaction between the industry and academy circles was the highlight of the summit where the guests brought the cutting-edge ideas of financial technology.


    The guests invited from the academic circle included a dozen of experts and scholars such as Zhuo Zhi, President of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Kou Gang, Executive Dean of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics School of Business Administration, Ye Qiang, Dean of Harbin Institute of Technology School of Management, Wang Fan, Dean of Sun Yat-sen University School of Management, Professor Zhao Jianliang, City University of Hong Kong, etc.


   The guests invited from the industry circle included nearly 20 executives such as CEO of Hundsun Technologies, Vice Chairman of Oneway Group, General Manager of Integrated Management Division of Ping An Bank Special Asset Management Department, Assistant General Manager of Shenzhen Securities Communication Co.Ltd., Chief Investment Officer of Shenzhen Qianhai Home-Run Fund Management Co., Ltd., Partner of block Labs, TencentBlockchain Technology Expert, Executive Partner of Shenzhen QianhaiShuangcheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., General Manager of Technology Information Division of China Merchants Bank Asset Management Department, etc.


Financial Technology Becomes an Upstart Major of SUSTech

It is well known that technologies such as mobile payment, electronic money, blockchain, financial big data, machine learning and cognitive computing have widely infiltrated into the financial industry. In China, new finance-related companies have emerged from IT giants such as "BAT". They need talents with the ability to write codes and talents with strong expertise in financial specialty, so each of them introduces thousands of financial technology talents every year. 


    In this forum, many guests pointed out the shortage of financial technology talents. The issue on the promotion of finance by science and technology has risen to be a part of the national strategy. The financial industry advances rapidly under the driving of science and technology with higher demands for talents. It is imperative to cultivate new types of financial technology talents. In general, the number of compound talents of "Internet + Finance + Technology" is estimated to grow fast to 4.35 million nationwide in 2024, but the talent gaps also exist, which is expected that millions of talents are short in the next 5 to 10 years. 


    The cultivation of talents who understand financial knowledge and master certain skills by grafting technology into finance helps the group who are devoted to financial sector to view more scientifically and even harness technology to promote deep integration and coordinated development of finance and technology. Therefore, SUSTech first offered an undergraduate major of "Financial Technology” in China. Its Department of Finance keeps up with the frontier trends, pools and effectively uses all resources to train students who can learn, understand and master the most cutting-edge financial technologies. 


    Professor He Jia, dean of the Department of Finance, explained that technology and finance belongs to the category of industrial finance, mainly referring to the integration of technology industry and financial industry. The development of economy relies on science and technology, while the development of science and technology industry requires the strong support of finance. Therefore, the Department of Finance of SUSTech has set up the major of financial technology as the times require.


    The Department of Finance constantly conveys financial technology talents to the society, contributing to the society and enhancing the reputation of the University. As one of the departments deeply loved by students, the Department of Finance has been bearing the heavy responsibility of teaching, internship and employment. The ratio of students to teachers in the Department of Finance was 6:1 in 2014 and that was as high as 15:1 in 2015, much higher than the average ratio of students to teachers in the University. However, in a serious and responsible attitude, the Department of Finance has overcome many difficulties and actively sought breakthroughs to achieve zero employment of our graduates in school with a high employment rate of 2018 graduates, so our graduates have achieved academic success and served the society. The students have a slogan: "the school has taken great care and made efforts to cultivate us and we help the school to prosper", which expresses the students’ love for the University. 23% and 77% of graduates in 2017 have been enrolled and employed respectively. The employers include famous financial institutions such as Shanxi Securities, Mengdazhou International, Galaxy International (Hong Kong) and E Fund (Hong Kong). Among the graduates, Liu Shizhuo obtained 11 offers related to financial technology before graduation and some chose to start a business in the hottest area of blockchain. Graduates from the Department of Finance are active in major domestic and international financial institutions.


    Currently, financial technology companies are developing rapidly. For example, Ant Financial has raised 14 billion dollars and its valuation is as high as 150 billion dollars. Data exchange platforms like Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud have obtained high revenues from advertisements. The future is the era of big data and artificial intelligence. The financial industry is bound to advance in that direction and the Department of Finance of SUSTech will also provide strong intellectual support for the development of domestic financial technology.