Guangming Daily: SUSTech Runs at "Shenzhen Speed" in Higher Education
Date: 2018-07-09

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, recently Guangming Daily published the "'Shenzhen Speed' in Higher Education" on its front page. Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, Southern University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen University are new markers of "Shenzhen Speed". Among them, the Southern University of Science and Technology, which was founded seven years ago, ranked first in the country in terms of scientific research quality, and held the first place in cultivating high-end talents with international vision and ability to solve practical problems. The Finance Alumni Association led and established by Wu Guanlong (Grade 2013 graduate of the Department of Finance) has become a bridge between students of the Department and well-known institutions and enterprises such as China Merchants Bank, China CITIC Bank, GF Securities and Great Wall Securities.

Guangming Daily: SUSTech Achieved Frog-Leap Developments in School Running

Every time when people come to Southern University of Science and Technology, they can feel new changes. On May 23, Guangming Daily reported on its front page that “The changes in the Southern University of Science and Technology reflect its ever-changing campus style and frog-leap development of school running”. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Education publicized the review results of 2017 degree authorization, and proposed to add Southern University of Science and Technology as a doctoral degree granting unit. According to the latest “China Top Universities” published by Shanghai Ranking's Academic Ranking of World Universities, SUSTech ranked the 43rd in the country and the 3rd in Guangdong Province with excellent indicators, of which the scientific research quality ranked the 1st in the country. It is not easy for a university which has been established for only seven years to make such achievements.

Adhering to the founding spirit of “daring, seeking truth, reform and innovation, pursuit of excellence” as well as the characteristics of “knowledge-creation, innovation and entrepreneurship”, SUSTech has made rapid development. GuoYurong, secretary of the school party committee, said that SUSTech has assumed the tasks assigned by the state and Shenzhen from the beginning of its establishment. The Ministry of Education requires SUSTech to learn the experience of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in reform and opening up to become a high-level university capable of cultivating top-notch innovative talents and to become the vanguard of China's higher education reform. The construction of SUSTech in Shenzhen is a strategic consideration for serving the construction of innovative city and improving the urban competitiveness.

Wu Guanlong, a young man from Hubei, was attracted by the “631” comprehensive evaluation enrollment system of SUSTech in 2013. After entering the school, he received the “personalized, elite and international” training in the “credit, academic and tutor system”. During his study at school, he actively explored and organized various club activities. He obtained excellent academic performance and improved his comprehensive ability. In 2017, he was employed in a well-known high-tech enterprise in China.

Wu Guanlong - Grade 2013 Graduate from Department of Finance 

Wu Guanlong was a graduate of Grade 2013 from the Department of Finance of SUSTech and one of the top ten outstanding graduates of the school that year. In addition to his outstanding professional quality, the founding of "Finance Alumni Association" by him has been highly praised by his junior schoolmates. Within one year since the establishment, the Finance Alumni Association provided junior schoolmates with more than 50 opportunities for quality internship in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Merchants Bank, etc. In the previous year, the number of quality enterprises that offered olive branches to the students of the Department of Finance increased.

The decisive factor for the Finance Alumni Association to succeed in such a short period of time lies in the open teaching philosophy and quality resources of the Department of Finance.

“At the very beginning, I wanted to develop a platform to help my classmates seek internships and jobs, but I had no idea and didn’t know how to start. The key to the establishment and continued operation of the Finance Alumni Association is that Professor He Jia, dean of the Department of Finance, has given us direction and introduced exceptional quality resources." Wu Guanlong mentioned that the Department of Finance provided strong support for his idea of building a platform. Professor He provided very mature experience to guide him on the organizational structure and operation mode of the alumni association, and more importantly, he also introduced more than ten social mentors for the alumni association, which enabled the alumni association to be established quickly and to produce actual benefits.

It is understood that the social mentors introduced by the Department of Finance are all from leading companies and institutions in the domestic financial industry, such as Shenzhen HTI Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai & Shekou Free Trade Investment Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Heyou Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Anguo Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd., Sincere Capital, Taikang Life Insurance, etc. Due to the quality resources of social mentors, the door for students of the Department of Finance to seek better platforms for internship and work has been opened.

In fact, the success of the Finance Alumni Association is not a single example. The Department of Finance attaches great importance to the international exchange and financial practice of students. One teacher of the Department said, “Through careful selection of teaching materials and lecture contents, the Department of Finance expects students to learn the basic theoretical knowledge most needed in the shortest time, and then to effectively develop their ability to solve problems with professional knowledge and problem-oriented method.”

It is understood that the Department of Finance offers practical courses such as financial case analysis, guides students to pay attention to hot topics and major events in the financial sector and encourages students to participate in social practice by using the opportunities of financial teachers participating in social activities; on the other hand, the Department of Finance holds activities independently, such as Financial Entrepreneurship Frontier Forum, to create opportunities for students to carry out face-to-face communication with guests. The direct communication with financial biggies not only increases students’ knowledge and open up their horizons, but also stimulate students' subjective initiative, allowing them to take the initiative to obtain good opportunities for internship and work.

"For me, the biggest gain in the Department of Finance is that I have realized what I am going to do earlier and more comprehensively, and recognized where I am now. On a high platform, I can see more things and have a clear plan for the future with open horizon. ” In Wu Guanlong's view, the shaping of thoughts is far more important than the transmission of knowledge, which results from the school-running philosophy and training mode of the Department of Finance focusing on practice, international development and future orientation.

In fact, the finance students who stand on high platform with high starting point are not only limited to Wu Guanlong. There are data that show nearly one-third of Grade 2013 graduates of the Department of Finance chose to study further at universities, such as Duke University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Sydney, University of Michigan and other international top schools. The students who are employed have entered the domestic famous financial institutions such as Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanxi Securities, Jefferies, a famous investment bank on Wall Street, and companies in the emerging area of blockchain.

It can be said that the Southern University of Science and Technology has achieved initial success in the exploration and innovation of school running, training mode and research system. Through the international management model, the Department of Finance builds open research platforms, stimulates innovation, continuously cultivates and conveys high-end international talents for the areas of cutting-edge innovations such as Internet finance, entrepreneurial finance, scientific and technological finance.

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