Thinking and Practice of Near Field Retail
Date: 2018-09-25

Lecturer: Zeng Bin, co-founder and CEO of Missfresh

Time: 19:00, April 19, 2018 (Thursday)

Place: Room 203, Building 1, Liyuan

Unicorn Series Lecture (1)


19:00, April 19, 2018 (Thursday)  

Room 203, Building 1, Liyuan



Zeng Bin was enrolled into Wuhan University to study economics in 1995. After graduation, he joined Alibaba, an Internet company with the most development potential at that time, and became one of 300 pioneering employees. In 2008, he studied MBA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. From 2003 to 2012, he served as the Retail Director (South China) and General Manager (Tablet PC Department) of Lenovo Group. After that, Zeng Bin served as the Marketing General Manager of Joyvio Group as Lenovo involved in agriculture, and became one of the first group to enter the fresh food field. Thanks to his work in Joyvio, he has accumulated a wealth of experience in the operation of fresh food e-commerce and also found problems existing in the fresh food supply chain, thus recognized the importance of restructuring the fresh food industry chain and improving the efficiency of the industry. Therefore, Zeng Bin worked with XuZheng, old partner of Lenovo Joyvio and created Missfresh, entering the fresh food e-commerce market with great potential.



Established in November, 2014, the company has been committed to reconfiguring the fresh supply chain to improve the efficiency of the industry, connect producers and consumers of quality fresh food and provide users with perfect service of fresh food e-commerce. In March 2017, Missfresh received a C+ round financing of $230 million. Over the past three years since its establishment, Missfresh has developed very rapidly, completed the layout of 11 major categories of selected fresh food, and established the cold chain logistics system of “urban sorting center + community warehouse” in 20 core cities across the country, achieving fast delivery to members within 1 hour. In 2017, Missfresh entered a stage of rapid growth with growth rate of MAU and user scale topped in the fresh e-commerce industry and overall profitability in first-tier cities.