Notice on 2018 Summer Camp of SUSTech Department of Finance
Date: 2018-09-25

Lecturer: Department of Finance

Time: July 10-12, 2018

Place: Department of Finance of SUSTech

Activity Arrangement

1.      Time:

July 10-12, 2018


2.      Schedule:

Opening ceremony, introduction to school/department and majors, teacher-student exchange, campus tour, visits to “unicorn” companies and 2019 recommended exam exemption postgraduate assessment will be carried out during the 2018 Summer Camp.


Application Requirements


1.      Priority is given to third-year undergraduate students who have been enrolled for study majors in finance, mathematics and computer science at 985 colleges and universities (Grade 2019 undergraduates) and undergraduate students who are eligible for recommended exam exemption;

2.      Other outstanding postgraduate students with excellent performance, strong academic interests and prominent achievements as well as previous undergraduates or master graduates;

3.      Students with excellent performance in school and English level of CET 4 or 6;

4.      Students with strong interest and prominent achievements in finance-related fields and cutting-edge interdisciplinary subjects and with strong or potential research and innovation capabilities;



Application Procedure


1. Registration

All applicants need to complete the online application on the registration system of SUSTech Summer Camp. The materials to be reviewed will be subject to the information submitted on the system. Registration system of SUSTech Summer Camp: (expected to be open for application around May 21). After the registration system is opened, students shall log in to register online and upload the application materials.


2. Deadline

June 26, 2018


3. Paper Materials

a. Application Form of SUSTech 2018 Summer Camp  (automatically generated by the Online Application System);

b. Copy of ID card;

c. Copy of student ID card (provided by students in school);

d. Transcripts (stamped with official seal of school/department or Office of Academic Affairs) of all courses taken (undergraduates are required to provide performance ranking certificate) ;

e. Copy of English level certificates (CET 4 or 6, TOEFL, GRE, IELTS);

f. Other documents (title page of representative papers reflecting the academic level, award certificates, etc.);

g. Supporting materials and recommendation letters submitted by applicant voluntarily.

Note: The paper materials for application are not required to mail in advance and shall be submitted upon registration.




In late June 2018, the assessment team of the Summer Camp will review the application materials submitted by students and determine the admission results. Those who pass the qualification review will be informed via e-mail or online publicity. Students who have not received the admission notice shall be viewed as outsiders without any further notice.


Other Notes


1. The Department of Finance of SUSTech will provide campers from other places with free accommodation in Shenzhen during the Summer Camp and subsidize them part of transportation expenses. In principle, local college students in Shenzhen shall not be offered accommodation but free meals.

2. Students themselves and schools where they study shall be responsible for safety during the Summer Camp. We will purchase personal accident insurance for students who shall sign safety responsibility agreement upon registration. 




1.      Contact person: Teacher Wang, office phone: 075588018616


2.      E-mail of Admission Office of Department of Finance:

Mails shall be uniformly entitled [Summer Camp] School + Grade + Name

(Note: Please indicate your status in Grade, such as "15 Undergraduate" or "16 Master");

After the school registration system is opened, the registration website and list of application materials will be further notified.


3.      Website of the Department of Finance:

For other matters not mentioned herein, please continue to pay attention to formal notices of the Graduate School and the Department of Finance.