Analysis of Systematic Financial Risk
Date: 2018-06-18

Lecturer: Dr. Cheng Yisun, one of the first group of experts from national "Thousand Talents Program”

Time: 15:00 pm, June 21, 2018 (Thursday)

Place: Room 315, Floor 3, Building 3, Huiyuan (Meeting Room of the Department of Finance)


Financial crisis is extremely likely to break out in China during the next five to ten years. This lecture introduces the context of systemic financial risks from a macro perspective, analyzes the nature and causes of systemic financial risks, and describes the situation and characteristics of China's systemic financial risks from the dimensions of space and time so as to propose methods and concerns to resolve, control and prevent possible systemic financial risks.


Guest Profile

Dr. Cheng Yisun is one of the first group of experts from national "Thousand Talents Program”. He served as a postdoctoral co-advisor at the Research Institute of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and a member of the Council Policy Advisory Committee of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Dr. Cheng has extensive experience in corporate formation, business development, institutional integration, team building, internal control compliance, operational risk control, technical management and customer relationship maintenance, etc. He served the China Investment Corporation and was responsible for the formation of Investment & Operation Department. He also served as the General Manager/Legal Representative of UBS Securities Co. Limited (China). In 2017, he founded Zhuhai Detavent Financial Technology Co., Ltd. with his wife Dr. Xu Xiaohong and they are committed to the study of financial quantitative risk management systems, which fills up the gap of core technology of financial risk quantitative management system in China, helps regulators and financial institutions to effectively control systemic risks and establish sound risk control mechanisms and means.