SUStech|Graduation Graphics
Date: 2020-06-30

As your days on campus count down

It’s a good time to cast around

Reflect on student history

And to reveal the mystery

Of what you achieved on campus

Enhancing your hippocampus

Developing your skills

Among the river and nine hills

SUStech|Graduation Graphics

Four years past, we were young, fresh-faced

A direction in life, you chased

You came all the way south to find

A discipline to get behind

You explored courses of all sorts

Finding a home from many ports

Direction found, research started

Enthusiasm not halfhearted

SUStech|Graduation Graphics

Classes, lab work, time on your own

Over time, less remained unknown

Finding ways to express oneself

Filling up a voluminous bookshelf

Scientific tomes, curios

It’s not a bowl of cheerios

You went forward in your pursuit

Questions you sought to prosecute

SUStech|Graduation Graphics

As your rep grew in renown,

Young students would jump up and down

To seek your advice, how to grow

Your mentors saw you bright, aglow

Scientists, doctors, engineers

Achievements filled many with cheers

Whether publishing a paper

Or patent approved, new vapor

SUStech|Graduation Graphics

Time overseas, learning anew

No site of a forest, bamboo

Your global outlook expanded

Cross-cultural talks up branded

New learning methods, now rethink

Time on exchange went in a blink

Making new friends and connections

Across new scholarly sections

SUStech|Graduation Graphics

Remaining days in single digits

Creating unique new widgets

Your future stage has now been set

You’ve developed the mindset

To succeed at all that you want

In some ways, you’ll now onward jaunt

To your future destination

Repped in every single nation

SUStech|Graduation Graphics

With our love and support

Your careers not cut short

SUSTech will see you on

As you pass the baton

We wish you all the best

You’ll always be our guest

Coming all the way south

Tell our story by mouth

SUStech|Graduation Graphics