The third Professional Promotion Conference of the Department of Finance was held Last Week
Date: 2019-06-03

On May 30, 2019, the Professional Promotion Conference of the Department of Finance was held in 110 of the First Teaching Building. The students of 2017 and 2018 participated in the promotion meeting with eagerness to learn.

  Professor Sun Bixia presided over the meeting. Also present were Professor Liu Luchuan, Assistant Professor Hu Daning, Assistant Professor Liu Weihan, Assistant Professor Xiang Ju, Assistant Professor Chen Kun, Assistant Professor Yan Shuo, Assistant Professor Lai Shufang, Assistant Professor Wang He and Undergraduate Teaching Secretary Li Rui, Graduate Work Secretary Wang Li and Undergraduate Science and Engineering Secretary Huang Chong. They patiently and meticulously answer various questions of scientific research, specialty setting and employment for students.

   Assistant Professor Wang He introduced several major core courses of the Department of Finance, which provided students with an intuitive understanding of the contents of the Department of Finance.Assistant Professor Lai Shufang shared the strengths, faculty and students of the Department of Finance. Nearly 80% of the professors in the Department of Finance have overseas backgrounds and have published articles in top journals or been invited by top conferences. The students of this department have achieved good results in scientific research, industry competitions, internships and other fields.Assistant Professor Yan Shuo illustrates that it is not remote for us to do scientific research and academic work in the Department of Finance. Through the discussion, study and exchange of weekly group meetings, many students have identified their own topics and completed scientific research papers with high quality.Assistant Professor Chen Kun introduced Fintech specialty. Fintech, as an interdisciplinary subject, has a high requirement for students'basic literacy and a large demand for this type of talents in the industry. The courses of Fintech specialty are composed of financial basic knowledge, computer and other courses, which are more suitable for the needs of career development.

     Professor Hu Daning briefly introduced the application fields of Fintech specialty, such as block chain, identity recognition, quantitative trading, etc. Professor Liu Luchuan emphasizes interest as the most important factor in choosing his classmates'majors. Only by taking interest as the orientation can he work harder and be more responsible.Professor Liu Weihan and Assistant Professor Xiangju tell you through their own and classmates'personal experience that learning needs to open their own "antennae", contact a wide range of disciplines, not stick to the professional knowledge, combined with their interests, choose the most appropriate major.

   Huang Chong, Secretary of Undergraduate Student Work, highlighted the "2+2" and "3+1" training programs, the tutor double selection system and the postgraduate exemption system. He also showed us many well-known companies at home and abroad that have signed the internship base agreement with our department, and the internship resources will be further expanded. Mr. Wang Li, Secretary of postgraduate work, introduced the master's degree, doctoral program and the direction of master's graduation. Teacher Li Rui, the teaching secretary of undergraduate students, introduced the general situation of undergraduate training program of finance department, including pre-courses, basic + courses, core courses and elective courses, and gave detailed answers to students'questions.


   Geng Xun, the representative of postgraduate students, is the first group of guaranteed graduate students in the Department of Finance. Interest is the most important and the best driving force. He shared with you Professor He Jia's understanding of the slogan "Take root in China, run a first-class university". He advocated that you actively participate in the Forum on the Frontier of Finance and Entrepreneurship, enhance your vision and improve your quality by communicating with the industry leaders.

   The undergraduate student representative is Wang Wei, a financial engineering major from Grade 2016. She divides her experience into three parts: "knowledge", "opportunity" and "challenge". She hopes that the freshmen and sophomores will fully understand, utilize the resources of the school and department, challenge themselves, improve themselves, and arm themselves into financial fighters to meet more challenges at home and abroad.