Peipei Li gave the third lecture to talk about “China’s financial stability”
Date: 2019-03-12

Assistant Professor Li Peipei of the Department of Finance give the 3rd lecture in the “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of Country” series. She discussed China’s financial stability, an important topic given the current economic times around the world. Director of the Political Education and Research Center Wang Dejun presided over the lecture.

Peipei Li give the third lecture in “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of C

Li Peipei’s research is mainly focused on Chinese financial theory and empirical fields. She also examines national financial policies and is paying attention to building social capital markets in socialist countries. Li Peipei has taken part in many government research projects, presenting innovative perspectives across wide areas such as asset securitization and green finance.

Li Peipei explained the importance of China’s financial stability to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Li Peipei said, “Finance is very important and it is central to the modern economy.” She also spoke about how financial stability has been critical to the advancement of the gradual reform of China’s financial sector. Li Peipei borrowed from a wide range of classical economic theorem to explain financial instability from both a big and little picture perspective. She also detailed the complexity of the Chinese financial market over the last 40 years, and how deepening reform would be critical for future stability.

Students asked many questions about different elements of China’s financial markets and how it is different from overseas markets. Li Peipei stressed that economic reform cannot simply be copied from western theories and experiences, as they are designed for a different environment. China’s best path for economic reform requires it to explore its own path.

Peipei Li give the third lecture in “Modern Science, Technology and Your Love of C

Chris Edwards | 03/08/2019