The Zhi Cheng freshman program was successfully carried out
Date: 2018-11-02

   On October 18, the freshman education program was successfully carried out in the second building 102 of Lychee Hill. The lecturer is Shufang Lai, an assistant professor of Finance. Shufang Lai studied for a Ph.D. in Accounting at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011-2016. Her current research interests include corporate finance, corporate information disclosure, earnings management, and taxation strategies.

   At the beginning of the course, Vice President Hai Lan of the Zhicheng College introduced the content and purpose of the course. He hoped that through such a course introduction, students could learn more about each department and finally choose their favorite development direction. He also hoped that Professor Lai can vividly explain the qualities required for the financial major, and solve doubts for the students. Professor Lai introduced the content of this course: financial research field, finance department teachers and professional , student profiles, 2018 students training programs and Q&A parts.


   First of all, Lai passed on why the financial industry has high incomes, what skills are needed by financial practitioners, and several questions to explain what finance is. With her experience in database training at Hult International Business School this year, she told her students that financial talents also need strong mathematical skills and programming skills. After all, finance is an activity that involves people's behavior. Next, Lai introduced the main research branches of finance: Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance, Money and Banking, Financial Market, International Finance, Financial Measurement, Financial Econometrics, Public Finance and Insurance. She also introduced some internationally renowned journals in the financial field, such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, etc. She hoped that students will have the opportunity to publish their articles in the journal in the future.


   She then introduced the current faculty of the Department of Finance and the research field of the teachers. She introduced He Wang ’s actuary training program especially. Students who are interested in actuarial insurance can apply to join the actuarial training program and receive professional training in the finance department. Then,she introduced the senior students completed various internships in different directions during the summer vacation. Most have chosen securities, banks, private equity, and some have chosen accounting firms, financial services and other directions. Key internship institutions: Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shanghai North Bund Financial Research Institute, China Galaxy International Holdings, China Galaxy Securities, China Merchants Bank Head Office, CITIC Securities, etc. Also,have a graduates overview in 2017 and 2018. Lai pointed out that students must pay attention to the pre-requisite courses in finance and financial engineering.


   Finally, Lai quoted Professor. Jia He’s sentence as the end of the class. “Finance is the core of the modern economy. The financial system is the largest and complex system of human society. The finance department is a typical interdisciplinary subject, which is an interdisciplinary subject of economics, mathematics, computer science, psychology, political science, etc. Becoming a financial elite is a long-term and difficult process, and faces a high elimination rate. "I hope that students will keep a progressive heart after entering the financial department, and will meet the difficulties and achieve the desired achievements.


   This course was successfully completed after the Q&A session. Lai told the students that if they are confused about life and study, they can ask the seniors to learn from their experiences and answer their own questions from experiences. If you are not sure whether you like financial major, you can start to choose or listen to basic courses to see if you are interested. At the end of the course, there are still students who ask questions about professional choices around Lai. Thank Lai for her careful preparation and amazing speech. I sincerely hope that the students will find their favorite direction as soon as possible and fight for it!