Finance Alumni Association Hosted Mock Interview & Interview Sharing Session
Date: 2018-01-22
Source: 南方科技大学

On April 21, 2018, the Finance Alumni Association held a "Mock Interview & Interview Sharing Session" at the Xinyuan Dining Hall. Junior students are now busy applying for summer internship programs. Many students are worried that their resumes make no impression on recruiters and they are less experienced in the interview. The "Mock Interview & Interview Sharing Session" held by the Finance Alumni Association is just in time to serve their needs.

  In this activity, senior schoolmates taught resume modification online step by step and shared experience in offline resume modification, interview, internship, etc. What’s more, mystical supervisors in the department and industry gave guidance on site. The activity was conducted in the processes as follows: ① Resume Optimization Technique Sharing; ② Mock Interview - Leaderless Group Discussion; ③ Guest Rating - Tea Party for Break; ④ Sharing of Interview Skills; ⑤ Sharing of Work Experience in Finance by Private Equity Baron; ⑥ Free Communication.

     Some wonderful details and valuable experiences are introduced as follows:

1. In the process of Resume Optimization Technique Sharing, Ji Mingjie, a senior schoolmate of Grade 2014 with rich experience in interview, took the resume of a Grade 2016 student as an example and proposed that the overall style of resume should be uniform, concise and clear; resumes should be adjusted accordingly for different companies and positions; in case of few internships or awards to be filled in, major courses should be added into resume in an appropriate manner.

2. During Group Interview, three groups selected the topics of "Beijing Cloth Shoes", "Health Products" and "Two Products Young People Are Least Interested In" respectively and developed corresponding marketing plans. The representatives of the three groups unanimously emphasized the importance of promotion and proposed that the attention of young people can be attracted through celebrity and fresh meat endorsement. In the end, the second group was awarded the "Best Marketing Plan" and the group students shared the "Surprise Award" – "Extra Fruit Plate".

3. In the process of Group Interview Summary, Li Jiayuan, a senior student of Grade 2014 called "Famous School Harvester", pointed out that in the group discussion or interview, the division of group members should be clarified and their positions should be determined to implement their corresponding responsibilities. Even if an important position in the group is not assigned to them, they should actively participate in the group discussion and give full play to their abilities.

4. When sharing work experience, Guo Wei, a senior schoolmate of Grade 2012 and now a "Private Equity Baron", shared his work experience in private equity funds and summed up a core point: employees who can make money for bosses are good employees!

5. At the time of "Free Exchange", seniors talked with Grade 2015 and 2016 students for a long time and taught them a lot of experience.

  The "Mock Interview & Interview Sharing Session" took two and a half hours and the students benefited a lot.