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Notice of Registration


1. Contact person: Teacher Wang (0755)88018616

2. E-mail of Admissions Office of Department of Finance: Mails shall be uniformly entitled [Summer Camp] School + Grade + Name (Note: Please indicate your status in Grade, such as "15 Undergraduate" or "16 Master");

Registration Method

All applicants need to complete the online application on the registration system of SUSTech Summer Camp. The materials to be reviewed will be subject to the information submitted on the system. Registration system of SUSTech Summer Camp: (expected to be open for application around May 21). After the registration system is opened, students shall log in to register online and upload the application materials.

Deadline of registration: June 26, 2018

Application Requirements

1. Priority is given to third-year undergraduate students who have been enrolled for study majors in finance, mathematics and computer science at 985 colleges and universities (2019 undergraduates) and undergraduate students who are eligible for recommended exam exemption;

2. Other outstanding postgraduate students with excellent performance, strong academic interests and prominent achievements as well as previous undergraduates or master graduates;

3. Students with excellent performance in school and English level of CET 4 or 6;

4. Students with strong interest and prominent achievements in finance-related fields and cutting-edge interdisciplinary subjects and with strong or potential research and innovation capabilities;