Postgraduate Education Postgraduate culture

Since 2016, the Department of Finance has worked with Harbin Institute of Technology to jointly cultivate professional postgraduates of finance and academic postgraduates of applied economics with complete graduate education programs. Currently, the Department has enrolled 15 postgraduate students of Grade 2016, 15 of Grade 2017 and 30 of Grade 2018, who are to receive joint cultivation, and all of them are undergraduates from top universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. Since 2019, the Department of Finance can admit postgraduate students independently and award students master and doctor degrees of science when they graduate after completing the study of their courses.


   The research areas of the Department of Finance of of SUSTech for postgraduate cultivation are divided into Chinese Finance, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Fund Management, Financial Technology and Insurance and Actuary. The Department of Finance has established a team of teachers with the international first-class level, including one Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education and one Shenzhen Pengcheng Scholar. 11 members of the team graduated or worked in top 100 international universities, accounting for 69%. Full-time teachers have published a large number of papers in magazines like Journal of Finance and trained 58 doctors and many EMBA, MBA and MS graduates. Many of them have become senior managers of famous financial institutions and entrepreneurs of new financial industries, including one Outstanding Youth and Changjiang Scholar. The courses are taught in both Chinese and English.


   The Department of Finance is committed to cultivating financial analysts, risk managers, wealth managers, financial product designers, financial market developers and other high-level financial management talents who have comprehensive understanding and mastery of financial theory and practice, investment and financing management skills as well as financial trading techniques and operations. We focus on cultivating applied talents in financial technology, insurance and actuary with good knowledge of Chinese market and talents that are satisfactory and down-to-earth for industry and enterprises. Cultivated talents need to have global and professional knowledge structure and master skills required for financial jobs to serve the construction of Shenzhen as an international financial center.