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Lecture Notice:Why and how to predict financial crises?

Dear All:

You are cordially invited to attend a talk given by Prof. Didier Sornette

on topic “Why and how to predict financial crises?” on 4 pm-5 pm, July 10, 2020. The talk will be on live through Tencent Meeting. All are welcome!

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Department of Finance

July 7, 2020

Lecture Notice:Why and how to predict financial crises?

[Announcement] Notice of SUSTech on Arrangement of Final Exams for Postgraduate Courses (2018 Spring Semester)

Notice of SUSTech on Arrangement of Final Exams for Postgraduate Courses (2018 Spring Semester)


According to the school calendar, the final exams for postgraduate courses (2017-2018 spring semester) will be held at the 17th and 18th teaching weeks (June 19-29, 2018).

Matters related to the final exams of this semester:

1. The assessment form for courses which are not tested in the final exam weeks shall be determined by course teachers before the final exam weeks. The exam time and places of the courses shall not be arranged in a united manner.

2. The exam time for courses in the final exam weeks is usually 2 hours, and 1 or 3 hours for some courses. Please pay attention to the exam time.

3. Candidates shall take the exams according to the required time and enter the exam rooms 20 minutes in advance. Candidates shall not enter the exam rooms 15 minutes after the exams begin and shall not leave the exam rooms within 30 minutes after the exams begin. Those who cheat in the exams shall be punished according to the provisions!

Those who have not applied for postponed exams according to the provisions and do not take exams without authorization shall be marked zero points for the courses. 


Since 2016, the Department of Finance has worked with Harbin Institute of Technology to jointly cultivate professional postgraduates of finance and academic postgraduates of applied economics with complete graduate education programs. Currently, the Department has enrolled 15 postgraduate students of Grade 2016, 15 of Grade 2017 and 30 of Grade 2018, who are to receive joint cultivation, and all of them are undergraduates from top universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University. Since 2019, the Department of Finance can admit postgraduate students independently and award students master and doctor degrees of science when they graduate after completing the study of their courses.


   The research areas of the Department of Finance of of SUSTech for postgraduate cultivation are divided into Chinese Finance, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Fund Management, Financial Technology and Insurance and Actuary. The Department of Finance has established a team of teachers with the international first-class level, including one Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education and one Shenzhen Pengcheng Scholar. 11 members of the team graduated or worked in top 100 international universities, accounting for 69%. Full-time teachers have published a large number of papers in magazines like Journal of Finance and trained 58 doctors and many EMBA, MBA and MS graduates. Many of them have become senior managers of famous financial institutions and entrepreneurs of new financial industries, including one Outstanding Youth and Changjiang Scholar. The courses are taught in both Chinese and English.


   The Department of Finance is committed to cultivating financial analysts, risk managers, wealth managers, financial product designers, financial market developers and other high-level financial management talents who have comprehensive understanding and mastery of financial theory and practice, investment and financing management skills as well as financial trading techniques and operations. We focus on cultivating applied talents in financial technology, insurance and actuary with good knowledge of Chinese market and talents that are satisfactory and down-to-earth for industry and enterprises. Cultivated talents need to have global and professional knowledge structure and master skills required for financial jobs to serve the construction of Shenzhen as an international financial center.

2018 Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students

The Department of Finance carried out the summer camp for outstanding university students from July 10 to 12 according to the work schedule of the Graduate School, including camper registration, department introduction, visits to excellent real estate and camper interview.


   On July 11, the professor team gave introduction to the Department in Room 110, Teaching Building 1. Professor He Jia, head of the Department of Finance, delivered a speech to welcome the summer campers. He stressed that students who study in SUSTech for master of finance shall have lofty ambitions of publishing excellent papers on motherland journals, solving practical financial problems, serving the society and schools.  Professor He also introduced the major setup and faculties of the Department of Finance, and encouraged students to study hard to serve the country.

Associate Professor Yang Zhaojun in charge of postgraduate work delivered a speech. He expressed welcome to campers to participate in the SUSTech Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students and sincerely hoped that students could study in the Department of Finance for master's degree as the demand for financial talents in Shenzhen is large with broad prospects of employment, rich internship resources and senior supervisors. Professor Yang also gave information about individual research areas, etc. He said that the graduates of the previous two years from the Department of Finance were jointly trained with Harbin Institute of Technology. In 2019, the Department will enroll postgraduate students independently. He hoped that students can seize the opportunity to study hard and increase their overall understanding of SUSTech and find their development direction via this summer camp.


   Professor Liu Luchuan, Associate Professor Liu Chunhui, Associate Professor Hu Daning, Assistant Professor Xiang Ju, Assistant Professor Wang He, Assistant Professor Wang Xinjie and Assistant Professor Lai Shufang came to the spot and made introductions.


   Wang Longyu, a representative of the earliest outstanding graduates from the Department of Finance, delivered a speech. He said it is essential to maintain diligence during the two years of study and life in the Department of Finance and grasp every opportunity to learn to improve professional quality. Taking his own experience in interview as an example, Wang proposed that a good mental outlook with confidence, right attitudes of diligent learning and hard work are the key to succeeding in interviews.


   Liu Xiang, master student of the Department of Finance, presented pictures of his study and life in the school in a year and told a truth that students can gain valuable wealth during learning stages of postgraduate as they find right direction and work hard.


   On July 12, Professor He led campers to visit the headquarters of Excellence Real Estate Group located in the CBD of Futian District, Shenzhen. The campers got a lot of insight into corporate culture, development history, public welfare projects, core businesses and transition of the company to the financial sector during its diversified development as well as the development of Shenzhen real estate and real estate finance. The General Manager of Human Resources of the Group described its history and corporate culture to teachers and students. The Vice President of the Group introduced the development trend of real estate to teachers and students. During the activity, the teachers and students interacted enthusiastically with the company and said that they have benefited from the visit.

Notice of Registration


1. Contact person: Teacher Wang (0755)88018616

2. E-mail of Admissions Office of Department of Finance: Mails shall be uniformly entitled [Summer Camp] School + Grade + Name (Note: Please indicate your status in Grade, such as "15 Undergraduate" or "16 Master");

Registration Method

All applicants need to complete the online application on the registration system of SUSTech Summer Camp. The materials to be reviewed will be subject to the information submitted on the system. Registration system of SUSTech Summer Camp: (expected to be open for application around May 21). After the registration system is opened, students shall log in to register online and upload the application materials.

Deadline of registration: June 26, 2018

Application Requirements

1. Priority is given to third-year undergraduate students who have been enrolled for study majors in finance, mathematics and computer science at 985 colleges and universities (2019 undergraduates) and undergraduate students who are eligible for recommended exam exemption;

2. Other outstanding postgraduate students with excellent performance, strong academic interests and prominent achievements as well as previous undergraduates or master graduates;

3. Students with excellent performance in school and English level of CET 4 or 6;

4. Students with strong interest and prominent achievements in finance-related fields and cutting-edge interdisciplinary subjects and with strong or potential research and innovation capabilities;

Chinese Finance

Gradual reform is a concentrated expression of the special development of Chinese finance. Structural arbitrage opportunities in gradual reform and distortion of China's financial pricing system are fundamental issues of the Chinese finance. The innovation and supervision of the Chinese finance are carried out in an unstable financial system. We have made unique contributions in this field. Our teachers in this field held important positions in supervision authorities; served as financial advisors of local governments; and independent directors of institutions such as Citic Securities. The leadership and experience of the Department of Finance in this orientation enable our students to take the lead in China's financial practice.

Admissions Scheme

The Department of Finance plans to enroll 20 students. Students are enrolled via recommended exemption and unified examination.

Subjects of examination:

Subject 1: Ideological and Political Theory (National Examination)

Subject 2: English One (National Examination)

Subject 3: Econometrics (Independent Proposition), "Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach" (5th Edition) written by Jeffery M. Wooldridge, Tsinghua University Press.

Subject 4: Financial Risk Management (Independent Proposition), "Risk Management and Financial Institutions" (4th Edition) written by John C. Hull, Wiley.

2017 Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students

When the bus carrying the students to visit Qianhai Financial Center drove into the campus, the 2017 Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students ended successfully.


   At 8:00 a.m. on July 11, volunteers of the Department of Finance got everything ready for greeting the students who participated in the summer camp in the hall on the first floor of the Science and Education Service Center.


   In the morning of July 12, the opening ceremony of SUSTech Graduate Admissions Summer Camp was held in the Qilin Hall of the VIP Building of Qilin Villa. In the afternoon of the same day, the Department of Finance gave a professional introduction and lecture in Room 405, Building 6, Liyuan. Assistant Professor Wang He presented a report entitled "Entering a World of Actuary" describing the development of insurance industry and sharing his work experience in the insurance industry. Assistant Professor Chen Kun introduced basic knowledge concepts, current development situation and trends of financial technology and financial innovation to the students.


   On July 14, the campers, led by Yang Xuning (teacher of the Department of Finance), visited Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone. During the visit, the campers visited Qianhai Guiwan Financial District, Qianhai Mercantile Exchange, Qianhai Vanke Enterprise Mansion and Qianhai Youth Dream Factory.


   The Director of the Financial Department of the Qianhai Authority briefed the students on the relevant situation of Qianhai financial innovation. Xu Shasha, General Manager of Qianhai Branch of the International Business Department of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, introduced the financial innovation of Qianhai to students.


   The summer camp was rich in content and practice and the campers carried out face-to-face communication with industry experts to obtain direct understandings of Qianhai Finance. They expressed their yearning for entering the Department of Finance for study.

Registration Flow

渐进性改革是中国金融特殊性的集中体现,渐进性改革的结构性套利机会和中国金融定价体系扭曲是中国金融的根本问题,中国的金融创新和监管是在一个不稳定的金融体系上开展我们在这个领域作出了独一无二的贡献。该领域教师曾在监管部门担任重要职务;任多个地方政府金融顾问;任中信证券等机构独立董事。我们在这个方向上的领导地位和丰富经验可以使我们的学生在中国金融实践中取得领先优势。当前该领域几乎每周邀请业界精英举办金融创新与创业论坛活动。该方向教师已培养博士38 人和大量硕士。

Corporate Finance

Research areas of Corporate Finance include both theoretical and empirical researches on capital asset pricing, loan guarantee, capital structure, physical investment under uncertain conditions. Our research focuses are corporate financial questions involving establishment of Shenzhen hi-tech financial case database, investment and financing theory and application of entrepreneurial enterprises and technology incubators.

Admissions Guide

Students are enrolled depending on the master's degree program of the Department of Mathematics of SUSTech for the study of Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics and cultivated by the Department of Finance according to its training program for 3 years of schooling.

Graduates are awarded Master of Science degree.

2016 Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students

Students completed registration on July 5, 2016. From July 6 to 8, the activities of our summer camp included: visits to SUSTech campus and laboratories, visits to Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Qianhai Financial Center, teacher-student exchanges and lectures by well-known scholars. 2017 recommended exam exemption students (bachelor-to-doctorate students) and domestic and foreign doctors were recommended and selected in advance.

Investment Banking and Fund Management

The research contents of Investment Banking and Fund Management include business mergers and acquisitions, listing and financing, transactional sales, investment management and other banking businesses, as well as mutual funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds and other asset management technologies.

Admissions Overview

3 years of schooling.

Graduates are awarded Master of Science degree.

Financial Technology

Financial technology is an emerging research area crossing financial and technological circles. This discipline focuses on applying the latest advances in information technology and data science to various financial practices to improve service efficiency. The courses of electronic payment systems and e-money technology, Internet finance and big data application enable graduates to qualify for financial services with high requirements for quantitative and technical capabilities, such as investment and commercial banking, asset management, government supervision and Internet finance, etc.

Insurance and Actuary

The research contents of Insurance and Actuary combine insurance theory with practices, including insurance supervision, insurance actuarial science, insurance investment, insurance financial management, insurance capital mergers and acquisitions, Internet insurance, insurance big data and insurance marketing.