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  • The postgraduate cultivation of the Department of Finance of SUSTech includes the following research areas
Chinese Finance

Gradual reform is a concentrated expression of the special development of Chinese finance. Structural arbitrage opportunities in gradual reform and distortion of China's financial pricing system are fundamental issues of the Chinese finance. The innovation and supervision of the Chinese finance are carried out in an unstable financial system. We have made unique contributions in this field. Our teachers in this field held important positions in supervision authorities; served as financial advisors of local governments; and independent directors of institutions such as Citic Securities. The leadership and experience of the Department of Finance in this orientation enable our students to take the lead in China's financial practice.

Corporate Finance

Research areas of Corporate Finance include both theoretical and empirical researches on capital asset pricing, loan guarantee, capital structure, physical investment under uncertain conditions. Our research focuses are corporate financial questions involving establishment of Shenzhen hi-tech financial case database, investment and financing theory and application of entrepreneurial enterprises and technology incubators.

Investment Banking and Fund Management

The research contents of Investment Banking and Fund Management include business mergers and acquisitions, listing and financing, transactional sales, investment management and other banking businesses, as well as mutual funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds and other asset management technologies.

Financial Technology

Financial technology is an emerging research area crossing financial and technological circles. This discipline focuses on applying the latest advances in information technology and data science to various financial practices to improve service efficiency. The courses of electronic payment systems and e-money technology, Internet finance and big data application enable graduates to qualify for financial services with high requirements for quantitative and technical capabilities, such as investment and commercial banking, asset management, government supervision and Internet finance, etc.

Insurance and Actuary

The research contents of Insurance and Actuary combine insurance theory with practices, including insurance supervision, insurance actuarial science, insurance investment, insurance financial management, insurance capital mergers and acquisitions, Internet insurance, insurance big data and insurance marketing.