2018 Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students
Date: 2018-01-24
Source: 网络

The Department of Finance carried out the summer camp for outstanding university students from July 10 to 12 according to the work schedule of the Graduate School, including camper registration, department introduction, visits to excellent real estate and camper interview.


   On July 11, the professor team gave introduction to the Department in Room 110, Teaching Building 1. Professor He Jia, head of the Department of Finance, delivered a speech to welcome the summer campers. He stressed that students who study in SUSTech for master of finance shall have lofty ambitions of publishing excellent papers on motherland journals, solving practical financial problems, serving the society and schools.  Professor He also introduced the major setup and faculties of the Department of Finance, and encouraged students to study hard to serve the country.

Associate Professor Yang Zhaojun in charge of postgraduate work delivered a speech. He expressed welcome to campers to participate in the SUSTech Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students and sincerely hoped that students could study in the Department of Finance for master's degree as the demand for financial talents in Shenzhen is large with broad prospects of employment, rich internship resources and senior supervisors. Professor Yang also gave information about individual research areas, etc. He said that the graduates of the previous two years from the Department of Finance were jointly trained with Harbin Institute of Technology. In 2019, the Department will enroll postgraduate students independently. He hoped that students can seize the opportunity to study hard and increase their overall understanding of SUSTech and find their development direction via this summer camp.


   Professor Liu Luchuan, Associate Professor Liu Chunhui, Associate Professor Hu Daning, Assistant Professor Xiang Ju, Assistant Professor Wang He, Assistant Professor Wang Xinjie and Assistant Professor Lai Shufang came to the spot and made introductions.


   Wang Longyu, a representative of the earliest outstanding graduates from the Department of Finance, delivered a speech. He said it is essential to maintain diligence during the two years of study and life in the Department of Finance and grasp every opportunity to learn to improve professional quality. Taking his own experience in interview as an example, Wang proposed that a good mental outlook with confidence, right attitudes of diligent learning and hard work are the key to succeeding in interviews.


   Liu Xiang, master student of the Department of Finance, presented pictures of his study and life in the school in a year and told a truth that students can gain valuable wealth during learning stages of postgraduate as they find right direction and work hard.


   On July 12, Professor He led campers to visit the headquarters of Excellence Real Estate Group located in the CBD of Futian District, Shenzhen. The campers got a lot of insight into corporate culture, development history, public welfare projects, core businesses and transition of the company to the financial sector during its diversified development as well as the development of Shenzhen real estate and real estate finance. The General Manager of Human Resources of the Group described its history and corporate culture to teachers and students. The Vice President of the Group introduced the development trend of real estate to teachers and students. During the activity, the teachers and students interacted enthusiastically with the company and said that they have benefited from the visit.