Education personnel training
  • The finance department of SUSTech has two major specialties: finance  and financial engineering(Fintech) . It is one of the first schools in China to carry out financial science and technology teaching. We recruit  outstanding undergraduate  students who meet the requirements of the pre-study course ,and issue  diploma and bachelor's degree in economics to students who meet the requirements for graduation and  degree. Students who are interested in graduate studies can be selected and  recommended for a master's degree.
  • The course should be completed before entering each major of the department. (note: at least  to obtain a pass in the above courses.) higher mathematics (upper mathematics, higher mathematics (lower A, linear algebra I A, basic computer programming A, probability theory and mathematical statistics, etc.), A, A Microeconomics, macroeconomics.
  • Transferring  major must meet the above requirements for the course, and the total GPA:3. 5 and above.
    Students are required to complete the required courses in the training program before the spring semester of their 4th year, and at the final semester will not be able to choose compulsory courses.
This major aims to train students to be professionals with solid knowl...
This major aims to cultivate excellent talents in financial technology...