• Dean’s Words
  • Finance is the core of modern economy. Modern finance mainly covers: asset pricing, corporate finance and financial institution. The contents of finance are extremely extensive, which is incomparable by those of natural sciences. Financial system is extremely large and its financial decision making is characterized by multiple stages, random environment, multi-party game, rational expectation and so on.
  •  Finance is a problem-oriented discipline. The Department of Finance of SUSTech is established to solve problems faced by China in economic transition, to serve China's real economy and to make due contributions to the sustainable development of Shenzhen. To solve practical problems, we will employ various tools, including mathematics, computer science, psychology, accounting, etc.
    Currently the Department of Finance focuses on the study of China's financial stability, business model of high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen and financial technology.
    Students cultivated by the Department of Finance of SUSTech should have the ability to solve practical problems with professional qualities and capabilities that enable them to "Grasp the moon in the Ninth Heaven (macroscopically) and seize the turtles deep down in the Five Oceans (microscopically)".