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  • Department of Finance
  • Alumni and social resources matter enough to the future development of our students in the industry, especially in the financial industry. The Department of Finance of SUSTech has taken the lead in establishing Finance Alumni Association and employed experienced and prestigious practitioners to act as social tutors of the Finance Alumni Association to conduct regular exchanges and discussions with students and provide internship opportunities.
  • Department of Finance

          The Department of Finance was established in 2015 from formerly the Department of Financial Mathematics and Financial Engineering. Thanks to the rapid growth of Shenzhen and the great opportunities of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Project of China, the prospect of the department is very bright. Now we have two undergraduate programs: finance (started in 2015) and financial engineering (started in 2017). We train Ph. D. students jointly with the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since 2018, we have both Ph. D. and Master programs in Science (financial areas of mathematical concentration).
  •       The research areas of the department cover China's financial stability, Block chain governance model, legal issues and case library construction, expansion and comprehensive economic forecasts, and financial modeling by machine learning. In 2018, the Financial Science, Technology and Financial Innovation Research Center of Southern University of Science and Technology was approved as one of the first seven key research bases of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shenzhen. The Department of Finance is preparing to build the Joint Actuarial Center of YingShang-SUSTech. The Department of Finance has held more than 100 academic exchanges and featured courses on "Forum on Finance and Entrepreneurship Frontiers" and "Fintech Lecture". The Department of Finance encourages students to participate in competitions and professional examinations to enhance their professional qualities, including HSBC Business Case Competition, CFFE Cup Financial Derivatives Knowledge Competition, SOA Examination, Munich Reinsurance Cup Actuarial Competition for College Students, CFA Society Investment Analysis Competition. The Department of Finance has signed contracts with more than a dozen financial institutions to generate internship opportunities for students.
  •       Through lectures by a strong faculty and elite guest speakers from the industry, high-standard laboratories, competition and internship opportunities, the department has made efforts to teach our students theoretical knowledge, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills in the shortest time possible.